Corn Silage

Crop Cure saves more feed value and cuts storage losses.

Crop Cure starts working on corn silage the minute it enters the silo. Crop Cure can cut dry matter losses for corn silage in half, and reduce mold by up to 90%.

Corn silage stored in trench or bunker silos can lose 25% of the total dry matter due to mold, run-off and excessive heating. Treating a trench or bunker with Crop Cure can reduce top spoilage as much as 10 inches, reduce side and front spoilage and decrease run-off.

During fermentation, when conditions exist where the level of acetic acid and lactic acid production is insufficient, harmful bacteria and molds will grow, causing heating. This reduces the available protein and total feed value. Applying Crop Cure as a mold inhibitor helps produce more acetic acid. Crop Cureis a dry granular powder that combines with the nutrients in silage during fermentation to increase the level of acetic acid. This helps prevent growth of harmful bacteria, undesirable butyric acid, and molds.

Corn silage should be harvested when the corn is between the 2/3 milk line and black layer stage of maturity. This will maximize the energy content of the corn silage and provide the maximum energy content per ton of silage harvested.

Desired Outcome for Corn Silage:

  • Consistent protein levels of 8% or above
  • ADF levels between 20-40%
  • NDF levels between 30-58%
  • Net energy-lactation (Mcal/lb) between 0.68-0.74
  • Minimize supplemental protein requirements

Harvest Recommendations:

  • Ensile at 60-70% moisture depending on structure
  • Optimum length of cut is between 1/4 and 1/2 inch
  • Fill silo rapidly and distribute evenly to reduce spoilage and increase packability
  • Use Crop Cure 2

Investment Benefits

  • Increase in lactic acid, means a better fermentation, reduced mold spore growth, improved protein value and longer bunk life
  • More nutrients available to cows
  • Reduce dry matter loss up to 50%
  • Reduces mold and harmful bacteria by up to 90%
  • Treated corn silage has better bunk stability
  • Improved palatability, smell and feed efficiency

Use With All Different Storage Structures

  • Stave Silo
  • Bunker-Pit
  • Bags
  • Oxygen-limiting Silo

How Crop Cure® works for you!

50% Less Dry Matter 10% Less
Heat Damage
Return Less Crop Cure Cost
12’ x 50’ x 200’

8,600 tons
$29,500.00 of additional feed 17,950.00 savings in purchased supplemental protein $34,550.00
22' x 50'

433 tons
$1,300.00 of additional feed $1,000.00 savings in purchasing supplemental protein $1,700.00