More Feed and More Pounds of Milk per Acre.

When haylage heats up, the amount of total digestible nutrients available goes down, thus decreasing the value of your feed. Crop Cure attacks mold, the primary cause of heating. When haylage stays cooler with Crop Cure, research has shown an increase of up to 10% more protein available for digestion over untreated hay silage, and reduction in dry matter loss of as much as 50%.

The goal of harvesting haylage is to have more consistent quality haylage throughout the storage structure with reduced protein loss from heat damage.

Harvesting at early to late bud stage provides high quality forage which supports higher milk production and reduces supplementation costs.The use of Crop Cure/Crop Cure 2 preservative helps retain more of the protein gained by early harvest and provides a higher quality, more palatable feedstuff.

Stage of Maturity

Early bud 1 - 2 nodes with buds, no flowers
Late bud More than 3 nodes with buds, no flowers
Early bloom 1 node with 1 open flower
Late bloom More than 2 nodes with open flowers

Desired Outcome:

  • Consistent protein levels of 19% or above
  • ADF levels between 28-32% NDF levels between 36-42%
  • RFV levels of 125 or above
  • Minimize supplemental protein requirements

Investment Benefits

  • 3.08 pound increase in milk production (4% FCM) per cow/per day (University of Minnesota)
  • 89.5 pounds more milk per ton of haylage based on 4% fat corrected milk (Ohio State)
  • Retains up to 10% more protein available for digestion.
  • Reduces dry matter loss up to 50% (Ohio State)
  • Research shows treated haylage has better bunk stability (University of Minnesota)
  • Crop Cure /Crop Cure-2 haylage produces an increase in beneficial acids, an important factor in better butterfat test (University of Minnesota)
  • Improves palatability and feed efficiency
  • EPA and FDA GRAS clearance. Crop Cure treated forages can be fed to all livestock.

Use With All Different Storage Structures

  • Stave Silo
  • Bunker-Pit
  • Bags
  • Oxygen-limiting Silo

How Crop Cure® works for you!

50% Less Dry Matter 10% Less
Heat Damage
Return Less Crop Cure Cost
12’ x 50’ x 200’

8,600 tons
$29,500.00 of additional feed 17,950.00 savings in purchased supplemental protein $34,550.00
22' x 50'

433 tons
$1,300.00 of additional feed $1,000.00 savings in purchasing supplemental protein $1,700.00