Product Information

Crop Cure: A dry granular preservative for all silage, high moisture ensiled corn, and baled hay.

LII: The water soluble concentrate version of Crop Cure.

The Difference: Crop Cure is the only product on the market with patented ingredients. It preserves virtually everything you ensile or bale.


  • Crop Cure works on a wide range of forages.
  • Works on a wide range of moisture conditions.
  • Works in silos, bunkers, bags, balage and bales.
  • Inhibits mold growth
  • Reduces dry matter loss up to 50%.
  • Saves nutrients.
  • Safe to use – EPA and FDA GRAS clearance.

How Crop Cure Works:

Without Crop Cure: Harmful bacteria and molds causes haylage to heat, therefore reducing protein available for digestion and total feed value.

Crop Cure Stands Alone Compared to Other Preservatives:

Preservative Crop Cure Inoculants Enzymes & Anti-oxidents Propionic Acid
Forages All Forages including baled hay. Limited to ensiled forages. Limited to ensiled forages with high carbohydrates. Ensiled forages and baled hay.
Potency Guaranteed. No Guarantee No Guarantee No Guarantee
Moisture Wide range of moisture. Limited to high moistures. Limited to high moistures.
Safety EPA approval. Not approved by EPA. Not approved by EPA. Precautions needed.
Registered Mold Inhibitor Yes No No With the direct addition of acid.