Form-A-Feed Brands

Heifer & Calf

Whether your operation is geared towards milk production or weight gains, getting calves off to a good start is important. Doboy® understands the importance of proper nutrition for a healthy start and optimum growth. It begins with using top quality ingredients in its milk replacers and calf feeds. These ingredients improve the digestibility, health and performance of the calf.

Because calves consume small portions of feed, providing them with products that contain proper nutrients and quality ingredients is an important management step. Doboy offers medicated and non-medicated products to meet your operation’s needs. Each product is formulated with you and the calf in mind. The Life Stage Calf Management line is all natural, contains no animal by-products, and all products are approved formulas. The program is based on over 75 years of calf research.

With replacement heifer costs ranking as the second largest expenditure for dairy producers today, achieving maximum gains on heifers is important to ensure freshening at 24 months of age. Every heifer freshening over 24 months of age costs you a minimum of $2.00/head/day.

Doboy heifer concentrates and minerals are formulated to meet the heifer's nutritional needs plus accelerate her growth. They contain quality ingredients and cost effective feed additives to provide maximum gains for dairy heifers, allowing for earlier breeding and greater returns on your investment.

Paying closer attention to your heifer management today can ensure a larger payback tomorrow!