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Calf Program

The Life Stage Calf Management line is all natural, contains no animal by-products, are approved formulas, and are based on over 75 years of calf research.

Life Stage Calf Management Program Brochure

Doboy® Milk Replacers

Doboy's milk replacer formulas are carefully balanced to supply the essential energy and nutrients needed by calves for a healthier start and optimum weight gains. These milk replacers utilize top quality, human grade milk ingredients and lard to achieve the highest digestibility and consistency for maximum performance and utilization. Doboy's milk replacers are fortified with B-vitamins, minerals and trace minerals for improved calf health.

For improved disease resistance, reduced scouring days and increased average daily gains, Vitamin E is added to each formula. Doboy milk replacers are created with a unique manufacturing process to provide a consistent product with excellent mixability! Throughout the manufacturing process, the strictest quality control testing is enforced to provide consistent top quality milk replacers. Several Doboy formulas are available which offer options for various management practices and individual farm needs. (See product chart below for details.)

Products Med. All Milk Guarantees (CP, Fat, Fiber) Acidified Vit/Min Fortified
300 Doboy All Milk Calf Formula w/Deccox & Biomos Yes Yes 20/20/.15 Yes Yes
306 All Milk Formula 306 w/MOS No Yes 20/20/.15 No Yes
308 Calf Milk Formula No No 20/20/.30 No Yes
309 Calf High Energy Milk w/Cocci-Kill Yes Yes 20/24/0.15 Yes Yes
322 Calf Pow-R TNT (Neo-Terra: 1600/1600 g/ton) Yes Yes 20/20/.15 Yes Yes
1300 Calf Starter Milk w/Cocci-Kill Yes Yes 20/20/.15 Yes Yes
Dex-O-Lite, code 930 Calf electrolyte No No none No Yes

Doboy's Calf Starters

Calf-R-Ration Special with Cocci-Kill, Code 411, is a 20% protein starter that provides the high levels of energy needed by young calves just starting to consume feed. The texturized product is a combination of pellets, steam flaked corn, and stub oats mixed with liquid molasses for improved palatability. The pellets contain special ingredients for improved overall health of the calf, appetite stimulation, improved gains, and feed utilization. The recommended feeding rate for Calf-R-Ration is one pound per 100 lbs. of body weight. The higher protein (20%) and energy levels allow you to feed less per calf than other starters and still achieve top performance.

Products Form Guarntees (CP, Fat, Fiber) Contains Deccox SDA Vit/Min Fortified
400 Cocci-Kill Pellet 37, 1, 9 Yes Yes Yes
404 Calf Grow-R Formula Pellet 37, 1, 9 No Yes Yes
411 Calf-R-Ration Special Plus Texturized 20, 4.5, 6 Yes Yes Yes
415 Hef-R Concentrate w/Rumensin Pellet 36, 2, 13 No No Yes
417 15% Calf Grower w/Deccox Pellet 17, 4, 8 Yes Yes Yes
420 22% Complete Calf Starter Pellet Pellet 22, 1, 6 Yes Yes Yes
422 17% Complete Calf Pellet Pellet 17, 1, 16 Yes Yes Yes
437 Calf Grow-R Formula Pellet 37, 1, 9 Yes Yes Yes

Calf Management Tips

  • House recently weaned heifers individually for 2 weeks, then in small groups of 4-6 for several weeks until they are adjusted to competing for feed.
  • Develop individual farm programs which allow heifers to be monitored for growth on a regular basis.
  • Develop a system of "pens" on your farm which allows heifers to be fed and cared for in a labor efficient manner. Ideally this should be away from the milk cow barn.
  • With your veterinarian, develop and implement a vaccination program specific to your herd.
  • Have rations balanced using NRC or typical nutrient requirements, and adjust them based on the performance of your heifers.
  • Use a growth promotant from 6 to 22 months of age for feed effieciency and improved weight gains for an economical advantage.
  • Pay special attention to heifers two months prior to breeding to make sure they are of breeding size at the proper time.
  • Make sure all calves receive the proper level of colostrum at birth.
  • Pay special attention to young animals during cold and heat stress conditions.
  • Use Deccox in the early stages of calf development to prevent coccidiosis.
  • Prevent respiratory infections by reducing stress and ventilating facilities adequately.
  • Treat scours immediately with Scour Stop-R, code 307/1307 and Dex-O-Lite, code 930/931.