Form-A-Feed Brands

Doboy® Heifer Program

Doboy Hef-R Concentrate w/Rumensin®, Code 415
DoboyHef-R Mineral w/Clarify & Rumensin, Code 771
Doboy Hef-R Mineral w/Rumensin, Code 781
Doboy Hef-R Mineral w/Bovatec®, Code 1781
Doboy Hef-R Mineral plus Hoof Care, Code 2781

Heifer Management Tips

  • Group heifers in pens, according to size, with adequate ventilation and space. Ideally away from milk cows.
  • Provide clean, dry, draft free and comfortable housing at all times.
  • Provide heifers with fresh, clean water at all times, especially during the summer months.
  • Implement a strategic deworming schedule to prevent parasite infestation.
  • Monitor heifers for growth on a regular basis. Pay special attention to the heifers 2 months prior to breeding.
  • At breeding, heifers should be 800 pounds and 49-50 inches tall, approximately 13-14 months of age.
  • Monitor body condition score, heifers should score from 3 to 3+ throughout their growing period.
  • Test forages and provide a balanced ration to meet the heifers' nutrient requirements.
  • Implement a sound vaccination program based on the recommendations of your veterinarian.

Deworming guidelines

A strategic deworming program using Safe-Guard® (Fenbendazole) eliminates the parasite burden to ensure maximum gains and improved performance in heifers. Parasites, common to heifers exposed to pasture, rob cattle of available nutrients, stress their immune system, and depress appetites. Safe-Guard effectively kills all nine of the internal cattle parasites. Research shows Safe-Guard treated heifers have increased weight gains and fewer days to breeding size.

Improved Performance in Safe-Guard®

Location # of Heifers Weight gain vs. control Time to Breeding Size
Wisconsin 60 +107 68 days earlier
Minnesota 536 +44 35 days earlier
  • Safe-Guard A highly palatable top-dress crumble. Safe-Guard Cattle D-Worm-R is a medicated supplement which utilizes the drug fenbendazole to remove and control all nine internal cattle parasites.

Seasonal Deworming Guidelines for Replacement Heifers

Heifer size 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
300-400 pounds 3-4 wks after spring turnout 3-4 weeks later Late fall (after 1st hard frost)
400-800 pounds At turnout 3-4 weeks later 3-4 weeks later Late fall
>800 pounds At turnout 4-5 weeks later Late fall