Form-A-Feed Brands

Lactating Cows

Doboy® offers a full range of concentrates, minerals, premixes, and specialty products for dairy cattle in addition to quality custom mixes. We work with herds of all sizes and feeding arrangements, including traditional, top-dress herds; TMR herds; robotic herds; and graziers and organic operations.

At Doboy Feeds®, our Area Nutrition Consultants are dedicated to providing you the best possible service to improve the health and profitability of your herd. This service includes:

  • Business opportunity analysis
    One of our Area Nutrition Consultants will come to your operation and work with you to determine your needs, your goals and provide you with the ideas, products and services you need to capitalize on your opportunities and improve short and long term profitability.
  • Forage analysis
    We test and evaluate your grain and forages to accurately determine the best feeding program for your herd and to ensure maximum use of your feeds, reducing your purchased feed costs.
  • Ration balancing
    Each Doboy Area Nutrition Consultant is certified to balance rations using the information you give us and your forage analysis. We listen and incorporate your herd's short and long term goals into each ration.
  • Herd/financial reports and analysis
  • Body condition scoring
    Ask your Doboy Area Nutrition Consultant to score each of your cows. We can then compile the results and analyze how your feeding program is working for cows at each stage of lactation.

Custom Mixes

Doboy custom mixes formulated and tailored to your operation’s nutritional needs using the latest technology, a model that accurately balances dairy rations for amino acids and soluble carbohydrates. Doboy matches your forages with a best-cost Doboy Dairy Custom Mix to meet the amino acid and soluble carbohydrate requirements of the cow and her rumen microbes, maximizing animal health and milk production.

A Doboy Dairy Custom Mix is customized to each herd’s exact specifications, from formulation to processing. A custom mix can be an all inclusive blend or a separate protein and mineral supplement. The form can be pellet, granule, or meal to best fit your feeding system. It is available in bulk, bags or totes. The entire mix is dependent on the nutritional needs of your herd, forage availability and facilities.