Pneumonia prevention

Pneumonia is a source of great economic loss to cattle feeders, not only in lost cattle, but also in terms of lost gains, treatment and medical expenses, and time spent doctoring sick steers. Preventing pneumonia before it can start in your cattle will help retain your profits, and also help get your cattle to market sooner.


VACCINATE - use a modified live vaccine for major respiratory diseases. Contact your local veterinarian for a recommendation for your area.

REDUCE STRESS - a stressed animal has a decreased immune response and is less likely to be able to fight off an invading viral or bacterial agent.

  • Don't overstimulate and stress cattle when moving/sorting.
  • Group together animals by age and size. Don't overcrowd pens.
  • Keep the diet/ration the same or make changes slowly to allow cattle time to adapt.
  • Provide clean, dry housing with good ventilation.
  • Avoid high stress procedures (dehorning, castration, vaccinating) either right before or after other events, such as moving.
  • Provide a source of clean, fresh water to avoid dehydration.